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Transport to the waterpark (from Baan Mai Khao)- taxi 500 BHT (although the water park offers its own private transfers which can be booked when buying tickets on their website- this seemed a really expensive option to us though, so always compare the price of a taxi too)
Transport from the waterpark- Jungle Splash mini bus 600 BHT
Entrance Cost (2 adults and 1 child)- 3600BHT on the gate, 3240 BHT online.
Adult- 1450 THB (£33.34)  Children (5-11 years)- 700 THB  (£16.10) Children 0-4 years- Free
When visited-End of July 2018
Dinner- 980 BHT (£22.54)

5 Useful Facts-

  1. You CAN’T take your own food or drink (they check bags).
  2. There are lockers to hire at 150 BHT. You can also rent towels.
  3. It is a cashless system where you pay for everything on a pre loaded band (refund of what you don’t spend on your way out).
  4. You save 10 % ordering your tickets on line and children 12 and over are counted as adults.
  5. If your child suffers from ear infections from swimming lots on holiday (ours get them every holiday!) then look into getting them some special surf plugs which are made from moulds taken of the ear at hospital (which we got on the NHS-see holiday planning blog for details). This is the first holiday that ours haven’t got ear infections!


We had promised the kids a day out at a water park but unfortunately hubby had hurt his back just before our holiday, so had to sit this one out. So the three of us left him having a Thai massage on the beach and headed off to Splash Jungle Phuket in a taxi.



It was only 10 minutes away and cost 500 BHT. It is cheaper to order your tickets on line, but this can’t be done on the day of your visit, so we ended up buying them on the gate. They checked our bags on the way in and confiscated our bottle of water (which we were given back on our way out).

You enter the park through a small shop and are given a brief explanation of the band system. Splash Jungle is cashless and you are given a waterproof band on admission, which you top up with cash. You pay for everything in the park with your band and any money you don’t use on it is returned to you on your way out. We followed the signs for the lockers, which you have to pay for in the small towel booth situated just under the Rainbow slides (The Whizzard).

The lockers are then round the corner near to the carousel. There is a male and a female locker room, which have showers, toilets and sinks in too and were really clean. The key to your locker is on a band (like a hair bobble) and I wrapped mine around the red paying band to make it more secure.

We then headed off to the slides. Here is a rundown of the park-

Boomerango- Sit in a 1 or 2 man tube (which you collect from the bottom of the slide tower and carry up yourself). Smaller children were being weighed before being allowed on this ride, as you have to be a certain weight. You go down a slide and are then propelled up a vertical wall, so that you feel like you are going to fall off the end! You then slide backwards down the wall and into a pool.


SuperBowl-Sit in a 1 or 2 man tube (collect at the bottom of the slide tower) and slide down a shoot into a round bowl shaped area, which you spin round and round a few times until you loose momentum and slide down the hole into the pool at the bottom.





The Whizzard- You need a mat for these Rainbow coloured slides (which you collect from the bottom of the slide tower). You have to lay on your tummy headfirst and can race your friends to the bottom!



Family Raft Ride- Climb up the  slide tower where you get into a large circular raft, before sliding down the twisting slide with some surprise drops.


Body slide and tube slide- There were 2 more body slides which you didn’t need mats for (one was in the dark!) and a slide which you could go down in one of the tubes collected at the bottom of the slide tower.

Lazy River-The tubes for this are separate (not the blue ones from the bottom of the slide tower) and are situated near to the fountains and carousel near the lockers. You can do a whole loop of the park and there are places to get off and some waterfalls to float through.


The slide tower has all of the main slides and there is also a separate lazy river, kids water play parks and a couple of pools. The spring pool was small and looked a little bit outdated-we expected it to be cold too but it wasn’t.

The wave pool again was a bit outdated and we didn’t see any waves in it the whole day- just jets shooting out over it sometimes. They had a rack of lifejackets you could borrow to put on if you are not a confident swimmer.

There are cabanas to rent out if you wanted a large space to lay, but there was really no need as it wasn’t a problem getting a sun bed.

We ate our dinner at coconut cafe and ordered 3 soft drinks, 2 chicken slider meals and a pepperoni pizza. It cost 980 THB altogether which you pay for on your band. The chicken slider meals weren’t great but the pizza was delicious!

They have a pizza oven over at the island bar where they cook them fresh. It was actually the best pizza we have had so far in Thailand! It was also quite a good size so would be plenty for 2 people to share for lunchtime.

By about 2pm the kids had, had enough and we decided to head off to the locker rooms to get dry. You leave through the little shop that you came in from and they give you a refund on the money left on your band. We asked the ticket office to phone us a taxi but the taxi numbers were not answering so she offered us the water park transport for 600 BHT. We waited for 5 minutes and a water park mini bus picked us up and took us back to our hotel.

In Summary

There were never any big queues the whole time we were there, which made a refreshing change from aqua parks we have visited in other places. We just walked straight on most of the slides for the first couple of hours we were there! The park is a little outdated but the locker rooms were spotless and looked as if they were new. This day was really all about the kids and even though the park wasn’t the biggest we’ve ever been to, they had a good few hours of fun here. It wasn’t cheap to get into (compared to other places in Phuket) and if you are limited for time in Phuket spend your days exploring the area (see below links) rather than wasting a day here.

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