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Welcome to the ‘Once In A Lifetime Holiday’ family!

 We are Teachers (with 2 boys) whose mission in life is to make the most of every school holiday (whilst scratching as many places off our World scratch map as we can!). Let us introduce ourselves….

Mum (Karen)

I’m a full time Primary School Teacher who loves eating and clothes shopping! At the moment I teach a class of thirty 4-5 year olds, which can be lots of fun but is also damn right knackering! As much as I enjoy my job, I live for the holidays, counting down until the next adventure!

I spend hours planning all of our holidays and looking for exciting experiences and recommended things to do or places to eat. I make a holiday file, laminates (!!) and lists to take with us on each holiday.

This year I have even made our own holiday guide book printed with Photobox to help the boys learn about the places we are visiting!

Holiday planning can (and does!) take days or even weeks to get it right, so I decided to set this up to share our experiences, adventures and plans with you! I’m totally new to all of this social media and blogging so appreciate any feedback or support you can give. I hope that our blog will inspire or help others to plan their own adventures!


Happy Travels everyone!


Dad (James)

James has been a Secondary School Teacher for 20 years and is head of the PE Department. His life pretty much revolves around sport! He played Rugby for years (hence the broken nose and cauliflower ears!) but now prefers Golf. His claim to fame is winning a rowing race at Henley Royal Regatta. His weekends are spent coaching Jakes football team or going down to Lord’s to watch the Cricket. His job in the house is to do the ironing- because he can do this whilst watching Sky Sports! One of his favourite holiday moments was meeting Chris Robshaw (England Rugby Player) on an Easy jet flight back from Venice!


 Callum is a typical XBox obsessed 13 year old! If he isn’t in his room raging at Fortnite (!!)  he can be found playing Football or Rugby and his favourite thing about travelling is trying new foods. He has 2 best friends, who have been his besties since Primary school and are like our 3rd and 4th sons! He was voted Players player by his football team for 3 years on the trot, which pretty much sums Callum up! (in that sense we are very lucky that he isn’t the ‘typical’ 13 year old and hasn’t turned into a rude stroppy teenager!- touch wood!)

When travelling, Callum is happy if there is somewhere to buy a football, somewhere to play football and free Wi Fi!

***TOP TIP!!!*** When spending a day exploring somewhere we keep both of our children happy by bribing them with food! “We’ll go and look at this and then we can have an ice cream”, “When we get to here, we can try some street food!”,  “We must go to this place as they do the best donuts ever!” etc. You get the gist!

It works a treat! 



Jake is 10 years old (although I still want to type that he is 6!) and similar to his brother, is completely and utterly obsessed with football!

Wherever we go in the World, Jake will find somewhere to play football and something to make into goal posts! (palm trees, flip flops and skis, to name a few!)

He has been voted school councillor next year by his classmates, so I’m hoping he might be able to extend our school holidays or at least plan a school trip (with me as the lead teacher!) to some tropical place! ha ha! Jake is also obsessed with dabbing and we have numerous photos of him dabbing his way around the World! (here he is dabbing at a secret little cove that we discovered near to Dune du Pilat in France).

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